Hans Ranzenhofer’s Birth Certificate - Recorded and Certified
by Siegmund Jellinek in Oberhollabrunn, 1934


(Translation of birth certificate by Martha Wintner)

At the time of Hans Ranzenhofer’s birth in Austria, each ethnic group’s births, marriages and deaths were legally registered within the particular group’s community records.  Siegmund Jellinek, as the recorder for the Jewish community of Hollabrunn’s registry, and also as the circumcisor and religion teacher, filled out Hans Ranzenhofer’s birth certificate. Hans R. sent a copy of his birth certificate from his home in Vienna in 1997. He included a note about remembering going to Siegmund J.’s home for his “lessons in religion” - and also visiting there with his parents - before they were all forced out of Hollalbrunn by the Nazis when Hans was seven years old. He and his family survived the war in Shanghai.


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