Primary Documents

Hans Ranzenhofer’s Birth Certificate - Recorded and Certified by Siegmund Jellinek in Oberhollabrunn, 1934

Birth Record Books of the Jewish Community
in Vienna, 1826 - 1938
and Erich Jellinek’s 1924 Birth Record

Nazi-required Asset Inventory, Completed by Miron and Anna Jellinek Nadel -
Vienna, April 1938


Dr. Karl Jellinek’s Post‐Anschluss Involvement in the Palestine Office of Vienna and the Zionist Regional Association for GermanAustria — and the Context for his Actions

Correspondence Concerning US Affidavit and Visa for Karl Jellinek and Family

Dissolution by the Nazis of the Reading and Lecture Hall for Jewish University Students in Vienna - August and September 1938
& 2020 DAVID magazine article on this association's history,
vibrant intellectual and other activities
from 1894 - 1938, by Gregor Gatscher-Riedl.


The Nazi Regime’s Disbarment of
Dr. Karl Jellinek & 1,824 Other
Austrian Jewish Lawyers, September 1938

Letter from Karl Schreiner Confirming
Takeover of Karl Jellinek’s Law Office -
Vienna, November 1938

Karl Jellinek’s Passport out of Nazi-annexed
Austria and into the United States,
December 1938 - February 1939


Kreindel E. Jellinek’s and daughter,
Michaela Jellinek’s Passport out of Nazi-
annexed Austria and into the United States,
January - February 1939

List of Jews, Including Siegfried Jellinek,
Deported from Vienna to Nisko, October 20, 1939,
and Related Cover Pages

Mathilde/Mancia Eckstein’s Asset Declaration
Required by the Nazi Regime Prior to Her
Deportation, and Nazi Records of Her
Deportation to Izbica, April 1942


Nazi and Post-war Records of Siegmund Jellinek’s
Deportation to Theresienstadt,
August 1942, and related original poem
by granddaughter, PJ, 1998