Hans Ranzenhofer’s Birth Certificate - Recorded and Certified by Siegmund Jellinek in Oberhollabrunn, 1934

Birth Record Books of the Jewish Community
in Vienna, 1826 - 1938
and Erich Jellinek’s 1924 Birth Record

Nazi-required Asset Inventory, Completed by Miron and Anna Jellinek Nadel -
Vienna, April 1938


Correspondence Concerning US Affidavit and Visa for Karl Jellinek and Family

Dissolution by the Nazis of “The Reading and Speaking Club for Jewish [University] Students in Vienna” ‐ August and September 1938

The Nazi Regime’s Disbarment of
Dr. Karl Jellinek & 1,824 Other
Austrian Jewish Lawyers, September 1938


Letter from Karl Schreiner Confirming
Takeover of Karl Jellinek’s Law Office -
Vienna, November 1938

Karl Jellinek’s Passport out of Nazi-annexed
Austria and into the United States,
December 1938 - February 1939

Kreindel E. Jellinek’s and daughter,
Michaela Jellinek’s Passport out of Nazi-
annexed Austria and into the United States,
January - February 1939


List of Jews, Including Siegfried Jellinek,
Deported from Vienna to Nisko, October 20, 1939,
and Related Cover Pages

Mathilde/Mancia Eckstein’s Asset Declaration
Required by the Nazi Regime Prior to Her
Deportation, and Nazi Records of Her
Deportation to Izbica, April 1942