Nazi-required Asset Inventory, Completed by Miron
and Anna Jellinek Nadel - Vienna, April 1938

The title of this document can be translated as:

Jewish Property Declaration as of April 27, 1938 (or Inventory of the Assets of Jews as of April 27, 1938.)

This document, deceivingly formulated to look official, orderly and legal, was of course part of the Nazi regime’s immoral new laws created to aid the Nazis in identifying and expropriating Jewish people’s assets. 

In the first part of this form, Miron Nadel was required to declare that he and his wife, Anna, were of the Jewish ‘race’ and ‘religious community.’ Then Miron had to declare the monetary value of his photography business and of his personal assets. Miron indicated the value of his photographic stock on hand as 3,100 Reichsmarks.

In section IV. titled  “Other Property - in particular in the form of capital” - e.g., securities, bailbonds, savings, bank deposits, pensions, works of art, jewelry1 - Miron filled in one line related to his “Treffenanliehe” [bond settlement?] with various amounts and the interest rate ("Zinssatz") of “4.”


1. Translation of this section title and of the examples are from: The Footprints of Robbery: Testimonies and Documents on the Looting of Holocaust Victims’ Assets by Itamar Levin, published by The Center for Study of Jewish Heroism - March of the Living.


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