May 9, 1943


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Anna Jellinek Nadel
                    [Woollahra, an eastern
          suburb of Sydney, Australia]

Karl and Karla Jellinek

(brother/sister-in-law of AJN)
                         [New York City]


Anna writes of still mourning the (1941) loss of her mother and of her feared loss of her older siblings, Gisela and Hugo, and of Hugo’s younger daughters. However, Anna also expresses hope and faith that her siblings and nieces may still be alive and that she will be able to save them. In addition, Anna mentions some aspects of her current life in Australia, such as the family’s good health and their celebration of Mother’s Day.

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                                                May 9, 1943


My dearly Beloved Ones! 


Today is Mother’s Day and while I have such a dear sweet child, and have received presents from all sides, my heart aches thinking of my magnificent dear Mama who is no longer alive. The picture of the best mother in the world is all that remains for me, and it stands in front of me framed by flowers -- and my tears are welling up.


I received your very dear airmail letter of February 1, as well as Karla’s dear lines, and now your mail is the only gleam of hope, even though for me, it contains a lot of sad news, especially, the ominous forebodings concerning the fate of our dear sister Gisa and the fine girls of dear Hugo.1 Because of this, I am constantly very depressed and can’t find joy in anything. I’m saving money so that if our beloved ones are, God willing, still alive, I can save them. Did you receive the last parcel we sent at Easter? Don’t deprive the sweet Michi2 of anything and hopefully she is healthy again. All of us are in good health, thank God. Dear Miron3 spent two weeks in the mountains and he looks fantastic.  Unfortunately, at 127 pounds, I am too heavy.4



[written down left side]


Write soon, stay healthy.


Anna, Miron and Trudi























[The front of this postcard, containing Karl's address in New York]


Translated by AR, AL and MSi of staff of Leo Baeck Institute, NYC, edited by Brigitte Balkow of Sütterlinstube, Hamburg, Germany


1. Anna is referring to Berta and Anna Jellinek, the two younger daughters, born in Tashkent 1922 and 1923 or ‘24, to her brother and sister-in-law, Hugo Jellinek and Natasha Kasalowskaja.


2. Anna is referring to Michaela Jellinek, the first child, born in August 1937 in Vienna, to Anna’s brother and sister-in law, Karl and Karla E. Jellinek.


3. Miron Nadel was Anna’s husband; Trudy, who is still alive, is Anna and Miron’s only child.


4. Anna seems to be unfavorably but humorously comparing herself to Miron, implying that she is too fat to look fantastic as he does. Anna uses the British Stone unit of weight, which is equal to 14 pounds. She writes that she weighs “9 Stone and 1 pound too many.

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