List of Jews, Including Siegfried Jellinek, Deported from Vienna to Nisko,
October 20, 1939, and Related Cover Pages

The 2nd Siegfried Jellinek listed below (born in 1891 and resident of Rembrandtstrasse in Vienna's District II.) is the Siegfried of the Jellinek family that is the focus of this website.

These primary records were the only documents about Siegfried J. found in the records collection of the International Tracing Service, held by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. These records, located by Diane Afoumado and staff of the Holocaust Survivors and Victims Resource Center of the USHMM in August 2013, coldly corroborate the fact of Siegfried's being one of the 1000 men on that 'historic' first "Resettlement Operation to Poland" transport from Vienna to build a "barracks village" in the Lublin area of Poland. Gisela Jellinek Schlesinger, still in Vienna in January 1940, began her report about the news of Siegfried's deportation to her niece, Gisella Nadja, in British Mandate Palestine with these words:

"You have to know that poor uncle [Siegfried] left [Vienna] October 20th with a 'Poland Action'..."

[Gisela J. S.'s entire January 12, 1940 letter will be posted to this website at a later time.]












Teilnehmer-Liste"- literally means "The List of Participants" ["List of Doomed Prisoners" would actually be more accurate].

"des am 20. Oktober 1939 abgehenden Transportes” - "of the October 20, 1939 Outgoing Transportation."


V.C.C.148” is an older International Tracing Service Archives designation for "Transports from Vienna."


"Gestapo - Transporte" means that this was a transport run by the Geheime Staatspolizei (Secret State Police).


"Ordiner 33" means file # 33.


"Transporte von Wien nach NISKO, 20.10.1939, 27.10.1939" can be translated as: “Transports from Vienna to Nisko on October 20th and October 27th, 1939.”


The words on the bottom of this cover: "gesamte Blattzahl: 47 Blätter" mean that there are a total of 47 pages in this book.



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