Kreindel E. Jellinek’s and daughter, Michaela Jellinek’s Passport out of Nazi-
annexed Austria and into the United States, January - February 1939

This passport was issued by the Nazi regime on January 20, 1939. Together with the United States-issued Immigration Visas on pages 30-31, this 5” x 3.5” booklet enabled Kreindel Jellinek, and her and Karl J.‘s daughter, Michaela, to escape from Nazi-annexed Austria to the United States and thus save their lives.



The Nazi symbol of the eagle on top of a swastika, which appears throughout the passport.

The red “J “ standing for “Jew”, on page 1.

In the ‘personal description’ page (p.3), Kreindel’s eye color is listed as gray, instead of her actual eye color of blue, and her occupation is listed as an Attorney’s wife, instead of her actual occupation of Legal Assistant.

The visas and embossed circular stamps on pages 30-31 show the location of the American consulate as “VIENNA, GERMANY.



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